A Very Brady Sex Life

 I recently read an article that states: “You ask me to have sex when the dishes are still piled up in the sink, and I’ll just consider it another chore I need to do before I get to the dishes. Sex for most women most of the time is a performance we put on so we can get on with doing… View Post

Bathing In The Present

This weekend, I seized an opportunity to soak in a hot bath. I’ve missed having a nice tub, and had been longing to once again immerse myself in the bathing experience. After three years of showering, finally slipping my entire body into hot, sudsy water felt incredibly luxurious. It seems that the key to contentment is to be intentionally present… View Post

An Open Letter To My Future Partner

I have spent considerable time exploring the world, learning better ways of doing relationships; a better way of loving than what I have previously known. As I see it, there are some core flaws in the expectations of the general masses. People meet, fall in love, and immediately want to glom their lives together, trying to become one, and expecting… View Post

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