Want a Freethinking Child? Ask These Questions.

Growing up in a strict, cult-like religion, I was taught from a young age to conform my mind to the rigid beliefs and ideas of my family, church, and school. I was well into adulthood before I understood that non-conforming thoughts were not evil, and that I was free to let my mind consider other ideas and beliefs. For this reason,… View Post

30 Years Ago Today, I Lost My Virginity To Rape

For fifteen years, I’ve been publicly writing about my life in a weekly newspaper column, but I’ve never shared this story. Only a handful of people know it happened, and only one knows the details that I am sharing here. It has always been a source of shame for me, particularly the events that took place in the aftermath. But… View Post

When I’m Eighty, Will I Finally Love Myself?

I flew to New Hampshire without my luggage. It wasn’t lost, mind you, I knew exactly where it was located; right smack dab in the middle of my living room. Eager to get to my conference, I simply jumped in the car and drove to the airport empty-handed. Standing in the parking garage, staring interminably into the empty boot of my… View Post

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