Turning the Tables on Slut Shaming

When I heard my young son laughingly use the word “slut,” it was all I could do to keep from slamming on the brakes, and pulling him into the front seat for a lecture. Instead, I maintained my composure and calmly asked, “Where did you hear that word?” “On YouTube.” “In what context?” “A woman was dressed kinda like that… View Post

The Church with Rainbow Doors

As I wound my way through Salem, Massachusetts, I noticed a number of churches displaying large banners; banners that I would be unlikely to see in my small, Midwestern community. “Immigrants and Refugees Welcome!” “Black Lives Matter: We acknowledge the history. We envision the future. We act today.” “Tabernacle Congregational Church: An open and affirming congregation.” The last was accompanied… View Post

The Heart Is Honest Above All Things

Two years have passed since I purchased the journal. The soft, red, leather book called to me from the window of a quaint shop in a small, Italian village. It was my first international trip alone. I had spent my entire life ignoring my natural instincts. In the religion I had followed from childhood, human nature was discouraged. Indeed, we… View Post

Woman To Woman I Support You

I’m single. I’m a mom. But to some I am not a single mom. I don’t know why it surprised me to discover contention over who should use the single mom label. Women pit themselves against one another far more often than they rise up in support. It starts at a young age with girls devaluing others based on clothing,… View Post

Just doing a bit of online stalk…err…research…

Late last year, I discovered my very own online stalker. A woman with two fake Instagram accounts reached out to me as two different people. Both personas said they had found encouragement from my writing. I even talked to “one” of them on the phone. When I began noticing some unusual parallels in their stories, I asked a few key… View Post

If I Were A Christian Nazi…

I’ve been thinking on this for a while, and I invite you to think through it with me. I grew up in a strong, evangelical, Christian community, and continued in that faith tradition for most of my adult life. Then I had a major crisis that included my faith. So, I walked away and started over figuring things out for… View Post

The Hidden Gazebo: A Silly little bedtime story….

Some of my fiction writer friends do this, so I thought I’d try my hand at it. 💋 She had not seen him in well over a year. When they last spent time together, he was caring for her as she recuperated from surgery. That was not an unusual role for him to play in her life. From the time… View Post

Are We There Yet? Mentally Preparing For Your Road Trip With Kids

As we look toward spring breaks and summer trips, I thought it might be helpful to share some of my tips for traveling with kids. I am preparing to drive with my ten and eleven-year-old children for eighteen hours from Florida back to Indiana. I’d like to say that my carefully laid plans have been flawlessly executed, and the trip… View Post

A Shocking Discovery

Sunday Edition 3/18/18 Funny story. I noticed the other morning that the Thanksgiving platter I store above my upper cabinets was sitting all cock-eyed. I climbed up to fix it and was surprised to find a small Ziploc bag containing a white powdery substance. I first thought it must be a baking ingredient one of my daughters had bagged for… View Post

About My Mom…It’s Complicated

Sunday Edition 4/11/18 My mom was an avid coffee drinker. She’s been gone twenty years, but I have her old mug. Dad brought it to me a couple of years ago. Seeing it again caused some feelings of ambivalence, so I tucked it in the back of the cabinet and decided to think on it later. If mom had been… View Post

Mayberry’s Active Shooter Drills

Sunday Edition February 25th, 2018 Like the rest of the country, I’ve been thinking a lot about guns. You can’t turn on the news, or log into social media, without being bombarded with opinions ranging between a desire for a total ban to those who say gun ownership should remain part of the fabric of America. So, here’s where I’m… View Post

Becoming Clearly Claremohr

Sunday Edition 2/11/18 On December 7th, I had a date with a judge. I didn’t marry him, but he did grant my petition for a new last name. It goes against societal norms for a woman to change her name unless she is attaching herself to a man, so this has been difficult for some to accept. However, the vast… View Post

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